How to Select the Correct Plasma Cutter For You


plasmaPlasma cutters which are specifically popular with cutting operations that are large will provide a clean, simple and effective way to cut the metal safely. Preheating cycle is not required in plasma cutting so it is highly recommended for large cutting operations. They cut a wide range of metals, which is done with a small kerf which doesn’t create any damage to the metal. Even though it has several advantages, it suffers from drawback where the up front cost varies from $1,000 – $3,000. So note this and plan wisely according to your requirements before purchasing and buy the best.

Considerations Before Purchase: Following details taken from Plasmacutterpro will help you to select a perfect plasma cutter.

Where to use the plasma cutter?

This question can create a big distinction right off the bat if you’re buying a plasma cutter. The units that are portable will be enraptured around by hand in weight, which ranges from forty five to eighteen pounds, whereas units designed for your store or garage can have to be compelled to be enraptured around on a cart or table with wheels. Certify you get a plasma torch that matches the uses you’re in need of.

How Long can you utilize Your Plasma Cutter?

While you may wish your cutter to last an extended time, this question refers to the number of times you expect to pay for mistreatment in your plasma cutter every time you narrow with it. Creating a couple of cuts for small project is totally different from a high capability metal cutting operation that unendingly uses its plasma cutters all day to chop massive items of metal.

The duty cycle will make clear the way how long you’ll be able to use a plasma cutter at intervals a 10 minute cycle before you would like to prevent to let it cool off. Confine mind that the numbers listed for a machine’s duty cycle take under consideration the unit’s most output. Employing a plasma cutter at a lower power means that you simply will cut for extended than such by the duty cycle. Conjointly note that the temperature of your atmosphere will either enhance or remove from the length of your duty cycle.

Required power:

The thickness and the type of metal can confirm the type of cutter you need. Thinner the metal faster the process of cutting whereas on other hand slower process in case of smaller metal.Thickness decided the amount of power required. The IPM ratio of a plasma cutter can confirm how briskly you’re able to work, and thus if speed could be a priority, learn a lot of regarding the IPM rating.

Other Things That You Should Consider

Make sure your plasma cutter includes a torch that’s robust enough to resist the powerful work involved plasma cutting. Regularly check on and replace your cutting tip and conductor since the standard of your cuts can diminish as they wear out.

Finally, you ought to take into account expense. Cut quality, performance, consumable cost and speed also should be considered. Longer plasma expendable life is vital because it reduces period for change-outs and lowers the value you get new plasma consumables. Patented technology is used by most brands to increase plasma expendable life, which on jointly delivering high-quality cuts.